The Plight of Digitel Employees

The Plight of Digitel Employees

Prezi Transcript

PLDT-Digitel Volts In The Corporate Giants With this said, it is crystal clear that this is a scheme for contractualization. More so, the Digitel Employer’s Union (DEU) won in all legal battles filed against the management of PLDT/Digitel. However, these corporate giants seem deaf and paralyzed in abiding the (calls of) law. Chronicling Their Struggle The DEU solely wanted to be reinstated as regular employees – no more, no less. Oppression has different faces.
For the employees of Digitel, it lies on the unfair labor practices, violation of human rights, and the suppression of imposing the law of the land on the feet of corporate giants. The Plight of the Digitel Employees Digital Telecommunications, Inc., more popularly known as “Digitel” was a member of the JG Summit Group and a former competitor of PLDT as a fixed-line and mobile telecommunications On the other hand, the Phlippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is the largest and leading conglomerate in the field of telecommunications owning subsidiaries such as Smart Telecommunications. It is also a share-holder of Meralco.
On March 2011, PLDT “bought” Digitel through sharehold-swapping wherein PLDT acquired 51.55% share on the JG Summit Holdings while 12% of PLDT went to JG Summit. The business coup was finalized by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in October 26, 2011. Digitel Workers Underhanded The merger of these corporate giants became a breeding ground for violation of the labor code and human rights for the workers of Digitel.
In normal cases, employees should not be affected in such arrangement. However, Digitel reported its intention of business closure due to its alleged absorption to PLDT. Hence, the company issued Notices of Redundancy and offers such as the Early Retirement/Voluntary Resignation Program Rehire (ERP/VRP – Rehire) – both of which are forms of violations of corporate law and deceit. Those who subscribed to the ERP-Rehire package ended up either working for outsourcing companies, losing their benefits, or failing to pass as probationary employee.
Photo retrieved from: Digitel workers puts up protest center in Makati PLDT office December 2012 – the remaining employees were subjected to redundancy due to integration-closure operation of PLDT/Digitel January 21, 2013 – The Supreme Court decided favoring the DEU and furhter affirming the directive of DOLE and NLRC February 7, 2013 – Digitel issued notice of intended permanent closure to DOLE due to its alleged integration with PLDT and notice of redundancy to its employees.
March 15, 2013 – declared to be the last day of Digitel with 400 employees terminated via the Redundancy program March 16-18, 2013 – entry to the offices were denied to employees except of Managerial positions who work on contractual basis as consultants March 19, 2013 – A Writ of Execution was issued by Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Secretary of DOLE ruling that all orders favoring DEU regarding the labor dispute be enforced April 10, 2013 – DEU built a protest center and started a peaceful stirke in front of PLDT’s Main Office in Ayala, Makati City April 16, 2013 – Mr. Allan Ricardo, President of DEU, started Hunger Strike April 19, 2013 – a hearing was set at Makati RTC 65 with regards to the case filed against DEU on illegal trespassing and occupancy April 21, 2013 – at 3 in the morning, more than a hundred fully-armed guards dismantled the make-shift protest center of DEU, leaving their belongings and campaign paraphernalia scattered and torn April 24, 2013 – DEU, along with its supporting organizations, held a press conference at Max’s Restaurant, Maria Orosa Branch, Manila City April 27, 2013 – the peaceful protest continues however rampant harassment were brought about by MAPSA of the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA) DEU Press Conference at Max’s Restaurant Chronicling…continued Infringement of Human Rights and Labor Code With the issuance of the Redundancy program, it was sought to be a part of contractualization scheme.
This is apart from the harassment and obliteration of the make-shift shelters of the as encountered by the peaceful protesters as a response of these corporate giants to calls for Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is deemed to be an act of oppression on the freedom of expression and a guise of unfair labor practice (Article 248 of the Labor Code). Moreover, PLDT/Digitel subverts the directives of law-governing bodies of the land. Solidarity Statements Until justice is not served, they will not cease. This is not just their fight, but a fight of everyone.

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